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        Greg Timberlake
        Coaching & Consulting LLC


Non-Profit strategy development and coaching.


NonProfit Lifecycles Institute Consultant.

Team development with DiSC certification.

Large group meeting facilitation.

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What you and i might work on

Non Profit Coaching:

Goal Setting   

DiSC Assessment                           


Building Capacity                        

Setting Priorities

Improved Team Performance     

Managing inappropriate employee behaviors

Communication Enhancement with Board

One on One

For Profit Coaching:

Retention Coaching

Performance Improvement Coaching

Leadership and Management Communication Building

DiSC Assessment

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You - the client - are always in control of the topic we discuss. Together, we uncover the tools, focus, awareness and energy, while uncovering the skills you possess but have put aside.  We identify behaviors that are no longer serving you and you determine the new ways of meeting your challenges. 

I coach in a business context and find that persons tend to structure and think of their time from their  professional perspective.  Soft-skill improvements like listening, delegating, prioritizing, time management, improving communication, managing stress, accountability and personnel issues are common themes we might work on.  On a strategic level, it is also common to work on clarifying focus, goals, and action steps.  Delving into these issues can be helpful for improving performance or preparing for new responsibilities and promotions or just feeling more confident about what you are doing in the work setting. 

Retirement coaching is more personal in a sense, as we delve into issues such as loss of social interactions and boredom, as well as working on hopes and goals. Strategies and activities take shape leading one to a sense of greater focus, purpose and satisfaction.

Group Facilitation - Training

I enjoy and have particularly good skills at facilitating group discussions and planning sessions.  All voices are included, without one or two voices dominating.  Strategy discussions, for instance is an area of competence.  Additionally, facilitating DiSC team leadership sessions provides a useful tool for improving organizational effectiveness.

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Snodgrass Rd. - Richland County - Ohio

About Me

Soft-Skill Development & Transition coaching for those promoted to new responsibilities and new demands; 3-6 coaching conversations can help reduce confusion around new roles, demands, and expectations. Transition coaching can increase the pace to greater productivity by helping the client adapt to new responsibilities and needed soft skill changes.


Performance Improvement coaching for persons with technical skills but needing to improve “soft-skills;” 4-8 coaching conversations can usually help persons needing to improve upon their interactions with others. Investing in the person, this way, can save money by reducing turnover, is a good employee retention strategy, and ensures that an employer or supervisor is investing in staff.


Leadership and management coaching for persons wanting to sharpen their awareness and approaches to the situations they are facing in the workplace.  Recently an emergent theme with leaders is being run down by the effects of the pandemic, struggling with focus, and struggling with organizational work habits that have deteriorated with the drain of dealing with such change, dealing with less communication among each other, and less planning. 

Retirement coaching (not financial) for persons either approaching retirement and wanting to explore how they will use their new found freedom and time, or for persons who are retired and finding themselves uncomfortable, or not satisfied with their new lives.

I'm a management improvement coach & organizational consultant in central Ohio, with a doctorate of psychology in organization development with three completed training programs in coaching.  I love working with leaders and managers and helping them gain clarity in their direction and goals or in improving their soft-skills and interactions.  

Coaching can increase the pace to greater productivity.  By asking you questions and building trust we build a space within which you can bring to greater awareness your levels of satisfaction, your helpful and not helpful habits and behaviors, and most importantly new approaches and ideas will be born in  your thinking.  Continued questioning from me will help you clarify how you want to implement these new or revitalized insights.

Organization Consulting 

Improve team performance (mid-to high leadership levels) via improved communication, understanding, and goal/expectation clarity. (DiSC personality assessment sometimes recommended as team-building aid.)

Facilitating group meetings/planning sessions toward goal and direction clarity.


Strategic planning for small to midsize organizations.


Assisting non-profits with executive director searches.


Julie and I moved back to Ohio in 2010 from California, so that we could be closer to family.  I have worked in higher education since the 1980's.  Like so many others, as a means of increasing income I moved up various ladders which always ascended away from meaningful contact with students.  Coaching and consulting, now that I retired from education, allows me to have meaningful contact with people working hard to do good things for themselves, their families and their communities.  This work is a source of enrichment and a way of giving. 


Client Reviews:

Amber Wertman, Executive Director of United Way of North Central Ohio wrote: I've been through some mediocre strategic planning sessions over the years, so I was a bit hesitant to select a facilitator for my team to work with. When I met with Gerg, I appreciated that he was really listening to my goals and what the team needed to get from this proposed session. He asked good questions and followed up with an outline of what he could offer as facilitator. Based on his proposal, I knew he would be the professional we needed to lead us through an internal strategy plan. The team still references ideas and long-term goals from that session, so I know the time was beneficial for all of us! He has since ran other strategy sessions with our partners as well. I highly recommend meeting with Greg to see how he can help your organization too! 

Chelsie Taylor, President of Renaissance Performing Arts in Mansfield Ohio, wrote:

I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Timberlake in multiple capacities over the past several years.  During that time, he has supported the Renaissance with team building work, change management, and strategy development to help us grow as a not-for-profit organization and adapt to an ever-changing business landscape. On a personal level, I've been able to learn from Dr. Timberlake through executive coaching, which has helped me develop my leadership skills, increase clarity and focus, think more strategically, and build a company culture in which our mission thrives

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